Top Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore – Mobile applications are highly in demand for every business. Every business feels the importance of mobile applications to grab the maximum sales opportunities and to gain profit. Hence, we are here to provide you with a list of Top Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore that attain expertise in the app development business.

A mobile without having any application is unimaginable. Mobile applications are additional features of any smartphone. However, the purpose of any mobile application can be different as per the nature and usage of that mobile app. There are several kinds of applications on your mobile such as navigational apps, calculators, shopping apps, educational apps, gaming apps, and many more.

Demand for Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore

Before moving ahead, we should understand the demand for a Mobile Application Development Company in Bangalore. We know that Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka (South Karnataka). This city is well established with supermarkets, malls, educational institutes, world-class hospitals, and much more. Being the first hi-tech city in the country we understand that 60% of the users love to buy any product or service through mobile applications. Moreover, these mobile applications are highly convenient to interact with and showcase your business to the customer.

Therefore, the demand for mobile applications is increasing rapidly to grow business and growth opportunities. As per the marketing survey report, Mobile application demand will increase by USD 150 million by the end of 2023. Hence, increasing need for mobile applications, we need Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore

List of Mobile Application Development Companies in Bangalore –

Below mentioned is the list of Mobile App development companies in Bangalore to develop a feature-loaded and highly advanced Mobile Development App.

DxMinds –

DxMinds was established in 2008. By the passage of time, they went through various advancements in skills, resources, and technology. Hence, they have been recognized as India’s fastest growing company to establish their business in various worldwide. They are the leader in providing technology solutions and specialized services in Mobile app development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, and data management.

DxMinds Systems is an all-in-one solution for any kind of mobile application development for your business. They are an expert in advanced coding and AI systems to develop any kind of eye-catching mobile application. Their mobile applications are based upon your business requirements so that features and coding in the mobile applications could be more user-friendly and result-driven. They have got various skill sets and expertise in ChatBot, AR, and VR technologies to develop top-quality applications.

In addition to their technical knowledge and expertise, they are highly professional and committed to their business relationships. Their services a highly cost-effective in comparison to the value they provide to clients.


  • Aarohiz
  • Zuppar Dilivery
  • AIO Games
  • APIT
  • Veggies Cart
  • BookLeey
  • Chibbs
  • DoorPin
  • SM Gold Palace
  • DX Crypto Asset Exchange
  • DX Land Registry
  • DXTravela
  • Blossoms


  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Cross-platform Apps
  • Swift Apps
  • Blockchain Apps
  • Xamarin Apps
  • PhoneGap Apps
  • React Native Apps
  • Flutter Apps
  • Ionic Apps

Location:  # 61, 1st Floor, 12th Cross, 7th Main Rd, near Home Need Super Market, Stage 2, BTM Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076

GSA Tech World –

GSA Tech World has been providing excellent services in mobile application development and digital marketing since 2015. They have provided mobile app development solutions to various brands across the world since their establishment. The mobile app development system is driven by proper planning of design layout & software flow which ultimately results in uninterrupted performance and best user experience to the app interface.

GSA Tech World aims to execute your product and services through their professional and creative expertise. They prefer appealing designs that attract the user and seamless performance that enhanced the customer experience while using the app. In addition to that, they are available for technical support in the future as well. (Like app optimization)


  • Cyclopath
  • Qupo
  • AcTax
  • Lawha
  • RN Spexcart
  • Nikkou
  • Credence


  • IoT Solutions
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Website Development

Location: # 1795/A, Sreenivasa Complex,14th Main Road, 71st Cross Road, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

Brill Mindz –

Brill Mindz was established in 2011 with the perspective of providing the best digital solutions and a great user experience. They are known as the best mobile application development company in Bangalore and all across India. Their services are the best mixture of the latest trends, technologies, and innovative ideas to lead the industry. This kind of passion has been leading them towards global recognition.

Brill Mindz has been involved in developing all kinds of mobile applications and providing web solutions. Their belief in customer satisfaction provokes them to develop feature-loaded websites with the best ever coding. Mobile applications are subject to high performance and user experience. Thus they are equipped with the latest technology and top-class skill to produce the best optimized mobile applications

  • Android App Development
  • IPhone App Development
  • Ipad App Development
  • Cross-Platform App
  • Windows App
  • Web Application Development
  • Gaming App Development

Location: #572, 1st Floor, 6th F Cross Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

Milescube –

Milescube is one of the leading web and mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore. They have been providing their exclusive services that follow your business requirements and goals. Having vast knowledge and experience in the industry, they have worked upon 1000 + applications and developed feature-loaded mobile applications. They are available with ChatBot, AR, and VR technologies to provide ultimate mobile applications.

Milescube focuses on reliability and commitment. Thus they use the best coding to develop high-performance and user-friendly mobile applications. Their team of experts and certified developers are highly capable of completing any task in pre-decided timelines. Providing their services at the most affordable prices does not divert them from maintaining the best quality app development. Their maintenance and support services are highly commendable by every client.

  • Bullfit
  • Sixbase
  • Aqua
  • Eventbrite
  • AdRoll
  • Native App
  • Hybrid App
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Single Integrated Development
  • Standard UI Control
  • Ionic Framework
  • Travel App
  • Matrimony App
  • Wallet App
  • Shopping App
  • Property App
  • Directory App

Location: Insta office 1st floor, opposite – Jyothi Niwas College, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

FAQs –
Q (1) – What is the cost to develop a mobile application in Bangalore?

The approximate cost for developing a mobile application can be $10 for one hour while developing the app. Generally, it takes 300 – 500 hours to make a mobile application. However, it depends upon the nature and type of the application as well.  This cost can vary from $ 5000 to $30,000 depending upon the type of mobile application. Some of the examples to mention mobile application cost are mentioned below

Type of the Mobile Application Cost Per Hour
Basic/Intermediate iOS Developer $45-75+
Basic/Intermediate Android Developer $35-60+
XAMARIN Developer $20-50+
PhoneGap Developer $16-55+

(GST deduction on the cost depends upon your one on one price discussion)

Q (2) – What is the source of profit subscription-free mobile application?

A subscription-free application, will earn money by following various marketing strategies such as Advertising and affiliate marketing, In-app purchases, Paid subscriptions, Premium Sponsorship, crowdfunding, And Transactional revenue.

Q (3) – What types of mobile applications are there in the market?

There are three basic designs /patterns that a mobile application can be built upon Native Mobile Applications, Web Based Mobile Applications, and Hybrid Mobile apps. These types of mobile applications are related to further segments such as Android apps, IOS apps or windows operated apps. And then as per your business and requirements, there would be Ecommerce apps, educational apps, gaming apps, and many more.  In short, the type of mobile application depends upon the nature of your business and requirements.

Q (4) – what is the procedure to hire a mobile app development company in India?

There are some basic procedures that you need to follow while hiring a mobile app development company for your business.

  • You should surf effectively on the internet for the web development companies in the city or any nearby location in India. You can hire an offshore development company as well. However, you might feel some hesitation while interacting with them. But, you can ask for their business profile.
  • While you search around on the internet, you should look for a company that can work with you for a long time, because you would need their services in the future as well for developing more applications or optimizing your mobile application or to provide support services
  • When you choose any development company to work with, check their business profile and list of clients associated with them. You should read about their establishment, years of experience, infrastructure, expertise, and skillsets.
  • Once you choose and decide to go with some mobile app development, you should contact them via email, phone or drop them a text on their website. Now you can discuss further details with that particular App Development Company such as
  • If they have client references
  • What kind of resources do they acquire (employs strength, technical devices, and skills availability)
  • The most important thing is to discuss the price and services you are looking to expect from them
  • Before finalizing the business deal you should be aware of privacy policies, quality metrics, designing and features required in mobile application, project duration, and future support systems as well.
Q (5) – How do I get maintenance or support service for the mobile application?

Mobile applications may require periodical or regular maintenance for the best user experience and higher performance. To make sure mobile applications are performing well, without any technical feedback, every mobile development company provided maintenance and app optimization support as well. They will make sure that your application does not face any error or technical glitch and works with seamless performance. However, there will be additional cost for that and you have to consult with the development company.

Conclusion –

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