Top IT Companies in Kochi

Top IT companies in Kochi

Top IT Companies in Kochi – Finding the Top IT companies in Kochi. Kochi is also known as Cochin which is based in Kerala. It is the commercial center of Kerala located on the coast of the Arabian sea. It is an amazing tourist destination in India that has a vast history in IT companies and has a bright future in IT Agencies.

There are several numbers of national and International Businesses which also include IT companies. IT Companies in Kochi provided high-quality services to their customers. The government has also started the IT park called Infopark in Kochi which has a number of IT companies working in it. There are 450 companies that have 50,000+ employees.

How IT Companies in Kochi help in Business 

Nowadays companies need the support of computer-based systems as mostly all the businesses are Digital. So if our computer gets damaged or system got fails we need an IT professional to fix that problem. IT companies ensure to provide the best computer network so that the functions work properly. IT professional also works on computer software and hardware in different ways which make your business successful. They include the three major factors which include the:

  • Government
  • Infrastructure
  • Functions of the System

Responsibilities of the IT Department in Kochi

  • Company website
  • Programming
  • Technical support
  • Communication
  • Administration
  • Application development

Reasons Kochi is the best place for IT Companies

Kochi is located in Kerala and it is the main city of Kerala. And Kerala is a higher literacy rate in India which boosts the city of an international airport and economically active population. Kochi is one of the best places for IT companies because of its infrastructure. It also has a low cost of living as compared to other major cities in Indian Cities. India is rising because of its IT sector and for that Kochi is the best place for IT Companies to establish n the country. There are many startups and entrepreneurs who are looking to set up here.

Ways to Choose the best IT Company for your Business in Kochi:

  • Go ahead with the future planned company
  • Choice the company according to the services needed for business
  • Look experience of the IT Company
  • Choose the company which is located in your region

FAQS related to the Top IT companies in Kochi:

Q:1 Why should I hire an IT Company?

A: Reasons to Hire an IT Company are written below:

  • They provide you the professional support
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Get an outside perspective
  • Redefine your IT strategy
  • Improve your Performance
  • Cost-Effective

1.)Tata Consultancy Services

They are the global leaders in companies that provide IT services. They provide their clients with the strength and quality to improve their business. Their customer experience gave the brand information. They operate a globe scale business which means they have their company in 46 countries and have the 10000+ employees working in India

Services they offer

  • Blockchain
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Cloud
  • Consulting

Contact Details

Address: Kochi, Kerala

2.)Infocom Software 

They have experience in many years with providing the inclusive customer with IT solutions and software development. They provide innovative gaming and IT solutions with a customer-oriented approach to increasing the business values. Infocom Software is a team of professional and dedicated people to provide premium services to their customers with the new technologies. They focus more on research and development technologies. They provided unique solutions to their customers which could meet their requirements.

Services they offer

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • E-commerce
  • Digital marketing
  • App development

Contact details:

Address: Office No. C114 SCK01 Building, Smartcity, Infopark P.O SEZ Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala 682042

3.)Canrone Software 

Canrone Software is established in 2014. It is the best IT Company in Kochi headquarters in Dubai, United States, Qatar. They are the IT experts who cover all the business and technology categories. Canrone Software has a team of professionals who can do their assigned work perfectly. They help their clients to grow in their business and make value-added relations with them. They provide the most affordable and innovative technologies with IT Solutions to their Customers.

Services they offer:

  • Branding 
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Hosting
  • Website Development

Contact Details;

Address: #17, Second Floor, Geo Infopark, Infopark Campus, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala 682042

4.) Cognizant

Cognizant is the IT industry located in Kochi. They provide services by using the latest technology. They are creating new opportunities od digital and physical markets. Cognizant handle its clients by providing the best digital opportunities and enhancing the human experience. Cognizant is improving the sustainable market. They have a well-skilled and passionate team.

Services they offer

  • Digital Strategy
  • Application Service
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Software engineering
  • Quality Engineering

Address: Plot No. 1, Cochin Special Economic Zone, 3rd floor, Technopolis Kakkanad, Kochi – 682 037


 Techversant has an outstanding record till now they have severed the 500+ customers globally in the IT Company. They gain success in such a less time and worked on many projects. They provide service in perfection which makes them easy to build long-term relationships with clients.

Techversant believes in the philosophy of 3ps which is personal integrity, professional development, and perfection.

Services they provide:

  • Web application
  • Mobile Applications
  • UI/UX
  • Software Testing
  • Ecommerce

Address: First Floor, Lulu Cyber Tower, Infopark, Cochin, Kerala INDIA – 682 030

6.) INFINTOR Mobile App Development 

Infintor Mobile App Development is working since 2014 in Kochi. They have a set of talented people and experts who are working with them and update about the mobile and website design required to make the software unique. Infintor Mobile App Development provides quality that exceeds the client’s expectations. They deliver quality software application outputs on time. 

Services they offer

  • Mobile application solutions
  • Website design
  • Web Development Services
  • ERP Software Solutions
  • Custom software solutions,
  • Branding and Design
  • Social and Viral Media Marketing.

Address: Ground Floor, Phase I, Carnival Infopark, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala 


To Conclude, These are the Top IT companies in Kochi. There are several numbers of national Businesses which also include the IT companies in Kochi. So choose any company which you like.