Top 8 IT Companies in Europe

IT Companies in Europe

Top 8 IT Companies in Europe – Are you looking to expand your business with the help of the best IT Companies in Europe? Europe is a large peninsula conventionally considered a landmass by its own doing in light of its extraordinary size and the heaviness of its set of experiences and customs. It is one of the fastest-developing continents with high technology and also set up its IT companies on the next level.

Europe IT Industry Stats

Europe produced 3 of the ten world’s biggest tech IPO companies and 22 companies with billion annual sales. 5.7M professional developers all over Europe and 15 cities with over 50,000 developer populations. London, Berlin, and Paris are the largest tech communities. These facts and figures describe the Europe tech industry as of 2019-2020.

List of Top IT companies in Europe

  1. SAP.
  2. T-Systems.
  3. Atos.
  4. Accenture
  5. Capgemini
  6. Computacenter.
  7. Micro Focus.
  8. Sopra Steria.

Below we have mentioned all the details like what kind of company work is, their branches, their service, and all other necessary details.


SAP SE (further SAP) – is the German maker of the most well-known venture programming on the planet. The organization’s provincial branch staff helps clients from around 180 nations effectively deal with their client relations and business tasks.

More than 96,000 thoroughly prepared representatives offer great support in SAP. They created $27.4B in deals in 2018, working with in excess of 425,000 clients. Presently, SAP is centered around IoT (Web of Things) and is wanting to put $2.24B into this innovation by 2021.

Directors- Mr. Dietmar Hopp, Hasso Plattner, Hans-Werner Hector, Klaus Tschira, and Claus Wellenreuther.


According to the Worldwide Data set’s positioning of the greatest European IT firms by yearly deals, T- System is the main IT organization in Germany. T-frameworks, an auxiliary of Deutsche Telekom, gives IT counseling and administration to the parent organization’s clients in excess of 20 nations.

T-System presently utilizes north of 45,000 individuals and created $7.74 billion in income in 2020. Just 30,000+ individuals will stay after a gigantic work decrease anticipated in 2018-2020 trying to return the organization to benefit.

Founder- Mr. Adel B. Al-Saleh.


Atos is a French IT company that is one of Europe’s driving suppliers of IT administrations, with clients from one side of the planet to the other. More than 122,000 individuals work for the organization’s nine brands in workplaces across Europe, North America, and Australia. With an emphasis on digital protection, conditional, enormous information, and cloud administrations.

Atos has developed to become one of Europe’s greatest IT organizations, with deals of $14.3 billion in 2018. As far as sports sponsorship, which is normal among huge companies, Atos has been the authority IT accomplice of the Olympic Games for a mind-boggling 18 years.

Founder- Mr. Bernard Bourigeaud.


Accenture is a global expert and innovation benefits firm situated in Ireland. It offers clients from 120 nations extensive computerized arrangements as well as counseling and system. Accenture’s 477,000 individuals (for the most part from India, the US, and the Philippines) work with 95 Fortune Worldwide 100 firms. It additionally has more than 75% of the Fortune Worldwide 500 as customers. Every one of them prompted the organization’s record-breaking yearly deals of $39.1 billion in 2019.

Founder- Mr. Julie Sweet.

Capgemini ($14.35B):

Capgemini SE (frequently known as Capgemini) is the biggest French IT business regarding deals. It serves clients from in excess of 40 nations with IT and board counseling, as well as re-appropriated administrations.

Capgemini utilizes north of 200,000 individuals around the world, with almost 50% of them situated in India. Till 2020, they made a sum of $14.35 billion in deals. The organization, which was made quite a while back, is still leading the pack in France and Europe.

Founder- Mr. Serge Kampf.

Computacenter ($5.74B):

When turning into the greatest privately held IT company in the UK (in 1994), further Computacenter figured out how to keep this situation till now. The organization offers its types of assistance to worldwide private-and public-area clients through various workplaces in the UK, Spain, and South Africa.

With yearly deals of $5.74B, Computacenter takes the sixth spot in the rating of the most unmistakable European IT organizations by deals each year.

Founders- Mr. Peter Ogden and Philip Hulme.

Micro Focus ($4.8B):

Miniature Center Worldwide plc (further Miniature Concentration) is the second greatest IT organization from the UK by yearly deals as per the Worldwide Information base business knowledge stage.

Its 5,000 representatives give programming and IT counseling administrations to various worldwide clients. The organization arrived at a net gain of $784M from the $4.8B in yearly deals in 2018-2020, these figures making it a Main 10 European IT organizations part.

CEO- Mr. Stephen Murdoch.

Sopra Steria ($4.59B):

Sopra Steria Group SA (further Sopra Steria) is one of France’s leading IT companies, 51 years old, focused on IT consultancy. It employs over 44,000 professionals, providing computer and software development services to clients in 17 countries.

Together they generated sales for $4.59B in 2018, $143.92M of which resulted in net income. These figures allowed Sopra Steria to enter the Top-10 biggest IT companies in Europe by sales in 2018-2020.

CEO- Mr. Cyril Malarge.


As Europe is a very important base for IT companies, it has around more than 14,000 IT companies working, and every company working hard to be on top. If you are looking for the best IT company to invest in or from point of view of a job you can check all the details we have mentioned. And we hope that our provided will be beneficial for you.