Top 12 SEO Companies in Sydney

SEO Companies in Sydney

Top SEO Companies in Sydney – Do you know there are more than 1000+ SEO companies in Sydney providing several services related to ON-page & OFF Page SEO?  Some of the best SEO company in Sydney offers the best optimization strategy to optimize the best content and assist in reaching peak position and ranking higher in the Google search engine. SEO companies always try to give positive and fruitful results to their potential clients. But finding the right agency for search engine optimization takes valuable effort. Because the market has several companies and freelancers who claim to give the best results.

So, it is hard for people to find the right vendors in the Sydney market to grow their business online in google search. All these companies are known for providing the following

  • SEO keyword research,
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • SEO business strategy

So if you are looking to find the best company for your business growth then we are sharing the list which you can choose accordingly.

Some Important FAQs Regarding SEO Companies

We are sharing some of the most relevant questions and answers which can help you in sorting out the best SEO companies in Sydney.

Q1.) What are the average charges that an SEO company offers for Sydney Market?

Ans1.) The price list of the services related to SEO varies as per the time needed and keyword difficulties and its search volumes. So, it is hard to say about the right prices. But on average the monthly SEO package for the companies in Sydney starts from $1400 to $12000.

Q2.) Do I need to invest in SEO or not, because it takes way too much time to show results on Page 1 on Google?

Ans 2.) Well, SEO is a long-term investment that can definitely yield results, and growth in SEO is immense. So, you should have to go for SEO services from any vendor for getting good business in the future with proper branding.

List of SEO Companies in Sydney

Below have listed the top SEO companies in Sydney.

Human Digital

Human Digital is the best SEO and digital marketing agency, and it is located in Sydney. This company is the best in the industry and offers the best SEO services to potential clients, assisting in the optimization of their personal websites and blogs. The company is always trying to satisfy its customers. Their previous customers always give positive feedback because of their quality services. Their basic SEO service plan costs $800 per month.

Soap Agency

Soap Agency is also one of the leading SEO and digital marketing agency in Sydney. This company also provides the best solution and resolves all SEO-related issues. The company specializes in the best SEO techniques for on-page and off-page SEO. This company delivers the best plan to optimize the best content of the customer’s personal website and blog.

Earned Media

It is the best-leading SEO and digital marketing agency in the industry and has a lot of dedication toward customer satisfaction. This company has been in business for 12 years and works shoulder-to-shoulder with its clients. Earned media has become the tycoon of the SEO and digital marketing industries. This company has the best SEO strategy for long-term success.


Intesols is well-known as a digital marketing agency. The office is located in Melbourne and Sydney. This company provides the best impactful SEO strategy and helps the customer drive organic traffic growth to generate revenue for the particular website or personal blog. The company begins by understanding your business strategy and then assists you in increasing your search visibility.

Scaleup consulting

The name implies that this company provides IT solutions and startups for small business support. This company helps potential clients develop a search engine-friendly website to improve the visibility of their particular website. Scaleup Consulting has always satisfied its previous clients and helped them generate organic traffic and revenue for their specific websites.

SAVV Digital

It is a digital marketing and SEO firm that provides a full range of services. This company is an expert in its field. SAAV Digital has been working with reputable contractors, which are the backbone of this company. Their clientele includes names such as Universal School Business Sydney and Royal LePage. This company uses the best SEO strategies and assists you in conducting the best keyword research.

MASH Media

Mash Media company is the leading digital marketing and SEO agency with a location in Sydney. This agency has a wide range of industry partners. The company helps to develop a customized roadmap and the best strategy for your business to achieve your goal. MASH Media always focuses on on-page content to satisfy user intent.

SEO Sydney

SEO Sydney is the leading digital marketing and SEO agency that specializes in the industry in areas such as SEO copywriting, PPC campaigns, and SEO training and consulting. This company has already delivered the best quality SEO services to a wide range of clients. The company always collaborates with its clients to win SEO campaigns in order to achieve the best results.


Andmine company is the best SEO and digital marketing agency. This company has a reputation for working with reputable contractors. The company includes clients like Tony and Guy, Shell, Coles, Uber, and much more. This company gives you the best SEO business technique through which you can attract the right traffic and generate revenue for your business. Their previous customers always prefer this company because they have the best SEO strategy for their business.

Shout Digital

This is an Australian SEO and digital marketing agency with an office in Sydney. Their SEO service has helped a wide range of clients with their businesses. In addition to writing SEO content, this company performs SEO audits. This agency has so many clients, including Baby Bunting, Sodexo, Porsche, and much more.

Digital Presence

It is a leading SEO and digital marketing agency. This company has delivered a wide range of SEO tasks to their satisfied clients. Their clientele includes names such as Think Global Logistics, La Mono, App Boxer, etc. This company offers the best SEO strategy based on the specific goals of each customer. Digital Presence agency always helps clients boost the visibility of their products.

Australian Internet Advertising

It is a Sydney-based SEO and digital marketing agency with a wide range of clients across the city. This agency has helped boost the clientele of reputable companies such as the Victoria State Government, Bloom and Chemist, and Byte. The agency provides the best comprehensive SEO solution for on-page optimization, page speed optimization, internet linking, and keyword research.


If you are trying to find a Sydney-based business, then you have to read out the descriptions of all the above companies. Which helps provide the best business technique for your business plan? The above-mentioned agencies are best at their work, particularly in SEO keyword research for on-page and off-page optimization.